Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vroom, Vroom!!

I love my nieces'.....and nephews too. There is something about these kids that I so adore, I almost feel guilty about it. I think it is in part because the wait was so long for them. My husband and were both the oldest in our families and so we were first to have kids. We got straight to it too! The rest of the sibs took longer to get married and have families. Good things are worth waiting for!

My sister took this early one morning while I was there visiting....

I am especially close to my sister's girls. Surely this is because my sister and I are incredibly tight. We had a rough go of it in childhood and we always had each others backs. I think one way of expressing my love for my sister is the privilege of spoiling her girls rotten. Their personalities are such a blend of her and I that we get to smile, wink, and secretly nod to each other all the time when we watch them interact.

Here they are...holding on to each other already. Yes, they fight like crazy but they also make each other laugh and that is what matters.

This is for my youngest niece. I say she is my twin. No one believes me but I see it and no one can convince me sister will just smile and pat me on the back. What does she know anyway?

This is Drive-Thru from Wendy Bernard at Knit and Tonic

I prefer the working name of Quicko-Cheapo but that's just me. I will slowly cruise my way through these and knit one for all my nieces and nephews. This first one is knit from Tahki New Tweed. It was a sale yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool and I love how it knit up. It is a wool silk blend and it so soft with nice even stitches. I added a bit of Tahki Rialto to the yoke. I fiddled quite a bit with color combo on this and ended up knitting it double every other stitch on a solid row. Not too much but just enough color and fun for a 4 year old spit fire who is just like her Auntie!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rather Huge Carpetbag....nice!

Ever since I laid eyes on this pattern I have wanted to knit the bag. Exactly as shown in the picture too. I could not think of one thing to make it better, and as a huge Mary Poppins fan this was just practically perfect in every way!

This is pre-felting, and I will add that was giant. I knit it in the car while my son was driving. SO easy! Totally a beginner thing, in the round, straight up to the top. I had to be able to keep an eye on the road and knit away without paying much attention to what my hands were doing. This was the perfect project for that. By the time we came home I had a bag to felt.
Another day to knit the flower and put it all together and I have a nice bag for MORE knitting projects, or for traveling. I am not happy with the handles so ignore those. I am waiting for the ones I really want to come back in stock.

Am I back?

I don't know. I have been trying to live life, read blogs, work, homeschool and of course KNIT :-) The problem is that I don't have time to learn how to drive this blog thing. I do all sorts of things on the net, and never seem to have the trouble this has given me. I have been pondering other sites for blogging and wondering if they are more user friendly.

In the end, I have come back to give this one more try. Lo and behold I find that there are upgrades and google is involved and perhaps I can sit tight right here.

I will see how things go in trying to post and then get busy, hopefully, with adding new projects including another Noni bag. Ya gotta love those Noni patterns!