Sunday, August 19, 2007

The amazing nieces!

Guess who came for the weekend? The girls from Honey Bunny's side...and was it ever a great time. They are so different from each other (and from raising little boys) that I just crack up constantly.

Here is a sweet story. Yesterday I was making pancakes and the older of the two said "My mom doesn't make pancakes very often. She mostly makes those kind you put in the toaster, but when she does she makes faces in her pancakes". I looked at mine and thought "Uh-oh" I asked her if her mommy made them with chocolate chips and she said "Nope!". I explained that I never quite mastered that whole faces in the pancake thing and that mine always turn out more like monsters in the pancakes but I would still do my best for her. A few minutes later she is taking a bite and gets really quiet, she whispers "Auntie, these taste like love".

Does it get any better?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adventures in Kayaking!

We all know there are things besides knitting (*gasp!!*) and one of them is new to me. Kayaking! It never looked that interesting to me but I caught the bug this summer after borrowing some from the folks.

Wow! The first time out was a make-it-or-break-it experience. Honey Bunny and I went to Monterey and gave it a whirl. Not only was it cold, windy and rainy that day but I wasn't feeling well....translated: not so nice to be around.

Still, we had a blast and the only complaint I heard from him is that I took off like a bullet and I could hear him calling to me through the storm "Hey, I thought we were doing this together!" (That is me in the lead, once he caught up!)
In my defense I was terrified. We had spent the day before learning all about what lurked under the water at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I was scared of looking like food to something if I sat still too long. Not to mention that the weather was not cooperative and the ocean swells were growing larger. I just wanted to get 'er done! Know what I mean?

Yes, I am Wild About Otters! They are the cutest stinkin' creatures I have eve
r seen!!

We have moved past that to the point of buying a double kayak a.k.a "Divorce Kayak" to those in the know. Our first day out on it together we found out why it is called that, but persevered and had a great time.

I humbly present our "home travels".....LakeTahoe, Stampede, Donner Lake and Truckee River.....

And so many of the pictures look the same....Life IS Good!

The new shop is amazing!

Well, all my trepidation was for nothing. I know, I know, I should just trust Jimmy. I do trust her but there is something about closing a shop you dearly love to move to the Big City...where you have to drive a long distance and spend more time in the car and gas money and well...whatever! I love it! The people still come and I have met new friends to boot. One of the nicest things is not working in a LYS alone. I have other gals to spend the day with and they are wonderful.

Meet Ashley and Gertrude!

We were so excited with the latest addition to our staff that we couldn't help dressing her up in anything we could find and dancing around a bit. Amanda and I having some fun....

All is well, the mice have settled down and the shop is constantly adding yummy new yarns, needles, bags, books, really is a good life here at Jimmy Beans Wool. Come and visit us!

The day Love came to town....

I like the idea of blogging but "the time" is what I need to have more of to do it well....if at all. Oh well, I take comfort in friends like me who barely get this done, and yet I still enjoy reading their occasional posts. Besides, there are so many other great blogs to read that I prefer the reading to the typing. I am not nearly so clever as Wendy!

Mexico was amazing, by way of catching up. The first day we arrived at our job site we were greeted by two little girls holding hands. Sisters!! Well I do love that! Reminded me so much of my own sister and I, and her two little girls (my nieces) that I was nearly in tears the first moment.
We had made a sign that said "Free Hugs" in Spanish.

I held it up so they could see it, then put it down and held out my arms...these beautiful girls came running down the hill, into my arms, and into my heart forever. We were literally joined at the hip all week with affection and games and charades to communicate. It is amazing how well you can with just a few words of Spanish, and they were so darn smart and curious about everything.

The thing that amazed me the most was at the end of it all they had a place to live. In spite of all our fun! Our group of highschool kids took 4 days to build 3 houses, joining 2 cultures under 1 God!

I would highly recommend this sort of trip to anyone and everyone. It really makes you step out of your normal life and see we are not all that different. The extra "things" we have are different but love and family is the same. These kids were happy with sticks and a pile of sand, and my kids were changed by it. I saw 45 highschool kids affected in a profound way, right along with me.

I can't wait for next year!