Sunday, February 03, 2008

Supersnow Sunday!

Sometime in the night I heard the telltale sound of the power going out. For some strange reason my Bose radio does this little clicking sequence in the cd changer, and it is enough to alert me that we are now officially cut off. The satellite has been down for over a month, so no Superbowl for me, but the power? The electricity is salt in the wounds...I just finished all my House seasons 1, 2, and 3 and was moving on to Grays Anatomy!

We wake up early and find that the little storm my husband guffawed at last night has left us laughing out loud. It is that fine line between laugh or cry a
nd we opt for the first. It really is getting to be funny! I also think this kind of winter is what separates the men from the boys ladies and gentleman. So many people are beginning to complain and the upside is that many people move away come spring time and it keeps our small town on the small side. Natural selection?

So, I got suited up and went out to take pictures. Lots of them at my sisters request. She moved away long ago but still likes to laugh along with us. Sort of like when you are due any second to have a baby, each phone call is answered with "Not yet"...Well, my phone is ringing with people laughing and my answer is "Lots!!". Maybe the pictures will help clarify what 'lots' means for all the snickering flat landers. Plus, I was reading on Crazy Aunt Purl how some folks like to be sort of voyeurs and they honestly do like to see into the windows of life that blogging cracks open.

Summer Pond/Winter Pond? (all pictures get bigger if you click on them)

Summer Side Yard/Winter Superbowl
Sunday...I kid you not. See the cute little rock steps and pathway? Well, we call it the Luge Trail in the winter :-)

Summer Gazebo/Winter Gazebo. What you can't tell very w
ell from either picture is that the front of the gazebo is about 3 feet off the ground.

Summer nieces/Winter nieces don't come to Aunties :-( Let's all enjoy the summer nieces and recall all that summer fun shall we? Sleepovers in the back yard tent, playing in the blow up pool, home made snow cones. E
ntire days spent in swim suits!

This is, in a word, what my shoveling kids have to say!

Especially when I come out to supervise with my nice warm cup of coffee in my new Starbucks mug...thanks to my sis's Christmas gift card! I am evil, that's how I roll....Just kidding!! I did my share! You have to on days like this.

On days where you have to move snow you have already moved so you can move more here and you will see my macho sons shoveling away the top of the berm so that we can toss more up there.

I know it LOTS of pictures, but it is necessary wh
en there is LOTS of snow. So when you call the house, I will tell you to look at the blog. Fair enough?