Friday, March 30, 2007

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

Remember that story? I want to say it was on Sesame Street, or Aesop wrote it but I can't recall off the top of my head. There were the two mousie cousins who went to visit each other and each had ideas about where they came from and the advantages of where they lived...well I think of myself as a Mountain Mouse going to the City. I don't always like the City but it does have it's perks. I have to occasionally venture down off the mountain for things like cheaper gasoline and trips to Costco. Now it looks like I get to hang out with City Mice much more than I have been used to and I sure hope they like me....gulp!

The 'ol yarn barn is closing. I shouldn't exactly say it that way, but it is what it is and....well... it's
closing. Try as I might to be happy I just can't seem to muster it today. (I will blame that on being sick for the past week). I put in my final hours, others are putting in theirs, and tomorrow the shop is officially closed in our little town.

I should clarify here that we are not actually
closing. We are simply combining two shops into one bigger better store. The decision from a business perspective is a smart one. We will have all inventory in one place and online orders will be even more quick than they are now.

I get it. I really do. I have spent the past month convincing people that the move is truly for the best. That the new shop will be amazing (cause it is!) and that the service will be great (cause it is!) but the truth is that I don't know. I want to believe this is the best thing going, yet change is like that.... such mixed feelings. I am really excited about working with cool people I don't get to normally work with, I am excited about more yarn of course, but I still have this sadness of missing "my shop".

I love my customers! Oh, I surly have stories to rival the best of them but the truth is that the vast majority of folks who wander in are the BEST!! People I know by name, people I have helped, people who have helped me, people I have met from literally all over the world, and even folks just needing change for the parking meters. I adore this town and all of the tourists and locals alike. My job feels like I am in heaven most days and my fingers are crossed for the move to the City....

For now we pack up the yarn, take down cubes, and pull out for what I hope will be an even better ride than the past year has been.....I am thankful for both directions, the future and the past!