Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well, the journey is nearly over. It has been a new experience for me in my journey with knitting. The first time I have ever wanted to finish something so badly that I couldn't stand it any longer. I say all the time (to whever will listen) that for me, knitting is the "process" not the "product". I lied!

I was up late at night, then back to it early in the morning, all in the drive to get this silly thing finished. I was thrilled when I finally got the bobbles down to about 5 minutes each. The bag itself was not the hard part, it actually went quite fast, but it was those bobbles that were weighing me down. They were everywhere, and I was constantly knitting them and yet they never seemed to end. I knit during dinner with company, I knit before bed, I knit in the carwash people!! I only wish I had a photo of the day I was standing outside the car, knitting bobbles, while Thing One and Thing Two (my wonderful kids) vacuumed and wiped down the dashboard with Armorall wipes...sort of giving me funny "Are you going to help us or stand there and knit?" kind of looks. All I will say is that I finished three bobbles while they worked and they got an ice-cream cone for their trouble.

I am not sad to see it end. In fact I may have turned a bit of a corner with my whole process/product theory. I like the product! I want more product!! I have a shawl screaming to be finished, and a sweater tank that must be done and worn at least once before fall hits, and those are just the big ones. I will always have a sock in my purse and my family will just have to live with that.

All I am saying, is that I get it. I know it is normal to have multiple projects going and with rare exception this is how we knitters are. I like to think that I make progress on something everyday, but sadly all that progress doesn't show up well with so many things going. I have nearly finished something really cool and it is just the boost I need to commit to something else all the way and maybe, just maybe, I will have a huge surge of Off the Needle product.

*Snif, Snif* husband will be so proud....