Monday, May 26, 2008

Knitting Interruption!

All this talk about trips (and there is more besides Appalachia!) has me wanting to think about knitting. I did knit on the trip actually. You would not know it because I haven't mentioned it, and there are no photos as evidence, but I did knit a no purl Monkey sock on the plane. One and a half socks actually. That is where it stands still, at one and a half. (Am I the only one with an entire album of Disneyland pictures and yet you would never know I was there?)

I will get around to sharing the
knitting but since my pile of UFO's has grown ever larger it is actually a bit sad and discouraging it will have to wait a bit. Work up the nerve ya know? I have taken plenty of solace in just reading about how I am not alone. Most of us have a stack of things we start and then set down. There is something about the excitement of a new project, new yarn, new technique, new pattern, new, new, always has me chasing after it. Oh, and it isn't just us knitters I'm finding. Quilters do it too. Crafty and creative people of all sorts seem to have projects that linger. It helps me to know that.

Has anyone seen the
new Berroco Seduce? I so badly want to start a
project with that!!

In all my reading and random searching of blogs this little ge
m popped up. I know there are all sorts of journals you can buy, but this puppy is FREE! I don't know how well I will use these pages, but I did download and save a copy for myself just in case. Everything from graph paper to keeping track of works in progress, there is a sheet for everything. Kathryn Ivy's site has this Knitting Journal (Designed by Grace Schnebly) and I think it is just plain cool! Check it out and let me know what you think.... There are a number of do it yourself items on the sidebar as well.

Other than that, my nephew is here. What a sport he is! They live far enough away that he barely knows us, and yet he is here for two weeks. See, we went to Oregon to visit family and on our way out of town we stopped to say goodbye. My sister in law asked if I wanted to take a kid home. Kind of feeling put on the spot I said "yes", and then immediately started thinking if this was a good idea or not. Besides the 7 hour drive we were about to take on, he doesn't really know us! Yet, in about 15 minutes we were on our way home with an additional passenger....for a 2 week stay!

It has been a blast is all I can say. He did great in the car and every time the phone rings he yells "I'm not ready to go home yet!". I like to think that this means he likes us. My brother just thinks we are spoiling him. Who knows? I just know that I am not ready for him to go home yet either.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

He is lovin' his auntie!! Of course he doesn't want to go home!! Enjoy the rest of his visit!