Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer is Slipping away...

I don't know if I am getting older or not, but I sure seem to dread winter more and more. Don't get me wrong, there are many things I love still, but it just seems to last longer than I ever recall growing up. So much for global warming! My winters seem longer and colder than ever!

But not yet. We still have summer waning and are into a beautiful fall season. Driving home today I noticed that the aspen and birch leaves are beginning to turn and so are my lilac bushes....the same ones that only a few months ago I was watching them sprout out and flower.

Tomorrow we are off to Oregon for a family get together. My brother and his wife are celebrating 10 years of marriage and decided to plan an interesting camping experience. We will be staying in treehouses! I am so excited! Just the kind of quirky fun I love.

After getting to Grants Pass, where my sister lives, we will stay a night and then head out to Cave Junction. From there we'll all be staying a Out n' About.

This is our tree house. It is called Serendipitree. All of the houses have funny little names and when you call in, you make a "treeservation". Each family will have their own tree house but there is a common area where we will be able to cook and eat together. I just hope my sister's tree is near my tree so I can huck pinecones, or acorns or whatever grows there at her. Better yet, we can both gang up and either annoy our brother, or our own children, or both. The two of us getting together is always and evil sort of way.

Technically it is a treesort, or bed and breakfast type of place, so a nice full breakfast is served. This makes me happy! If one meal a day is made for me I am thrilled and call that vacation baby!

I don't know how much we will get to do in terms of activities. They have all sorts of things offered, but I am just not into tons of separate things that all cost so much. Something about feeling nickle and dimed just bugs me. Anyone else? We tend to like hiking and exploring so I'm thinking we will do more of that. There is the Oregon Caves National Monument, and this sort of thing is right up our alley.

I will be sure to take my camera and take lots of pictures. When you put this many people in my family together it is bound to be a memorable trip in every way. Now that I have my fancy schmancey new laptop, I will hopefully be able to keep up the blog better, and I am even hoping to post from Oregon!

One last thing, on the knitting front, I have finished a sweater, baby sweater, and some socks. I really should post about them but it just seems to elude me with all the business we have had. The most exciting thing is that I thought the collective "we" were done with babies, but my sister in law is pregnant...with a boy!! I am over the moon happy. So I have nearly finished an EZ Baby Surprise sweater, and hat and I am working on a blanket. There will definitely pictures of those things.


Tammy said...

Enjoy your trip! And those beautiful fall changes.

madre adoptiva said...

Oh wow... that looks so fun! How awesome! Take pictures! Have a great time!

badariah said...

What a lovely idea staying in a tee house. You gotta give me details of where it is cost etc!! We are huge on tree houses. In Saratoga Dave built a beautiful tree house and we used to sit in there to watch the slow Amtrak train that goes up to the hills to carry rocks back down.