Saturday, July 05, 2008


Only 19,998 more posts until I feel caught up on life as it has happened...and yet continues!

We have been thinking about it for ages, and talking about it for months. This was not a surprise. The only surprise was my heart changing (relenting) to get another mini dachshund rather than a German Shepherd. Don't get me wrong, I love Mayzie, my mini that I have now. In fact that is the problem...I love her too much! There is no way any pooch can compete with her, and besides that, I grew up with shepherds so I have a bit of a hankering for a large dog again. (These are a few of her pictures)

Well, Honey Bunny put his foot down! Big dogs = big food storage and bigger poops and it was going to be a doxie if there was going to be a puppy. Period.

So, after lots of searching I found a place that had some puppies. Exactly what I wanted too. A black and tan smooth, female please. She had one left, but as it turned out it was really one available. People had "claimed" a puppy but no one had picked them out, so I actually was first in line to pick from two litters! What luck!

Hours later, and much talking abut my current dog, I was finally on my way home with the baby. So hard to choose yet now I could not wait to introduce Mayzie to her new baby!

Now the drama begins. I pulled into the driveway and my daughter ran out and sad "Bad news"....Apparently my husband had taken the jeep out wheelin' with the dogs, and when he got to his destination only one jumped out of the car. Somewhere in the past 20 miles Mayzie had either popped out from a bump, or jumped out, but either way she was not in the jeep.

He searched for a couple of hours and then came home to load his motorcycle and try some more. His plan was to be out there all night and keep calling for her, but the search area was huge.

Needless to say I was a wreck. I felt like I had traded my much loved dog for this little puppy and it was impossible to be anything but sad. I wanted to take her back and go find my Mayzie. I was up most of the night worried about her and my Honey Bunny. I made flyers, posted on bulletin boards, left messages at all the vets offices in my area and in Reno, and I called all the animal control offices in the area.

At about 4 in the morning I woke up one of my kids and loaded up our other dog. Sometimes you just can't wait anymore and I thought in the quiet of the morning she might come out if she heard us calling. I made a big thermos of coffee and headed out.

The first thing I saw was a coyote crossing my street!! Not a good sign. It only added to my fears of bobcats, mountain lions, eagles, hawks, people who might keep her and the 27 degree night that she might be shivering in.

At about 6 am I came around a corner and saw a small sign posted on a street sign. "Lost Dog?" with a phone number was all it said. My hopes began to soar, and if I didn't breath I seemed to have a cell signal. I left a message, which began a series o
f cell phone nightmare phone tag from the sketchy signal....but long story short, he had my girl!!

Turns out he saw this adorable little dog trotting down the road and when he opened his door she hopped right in. He took her home and worked as hard at finding us as we were working to find her. She is micro-chipped but had no tags on her collar. From now on all collars will have a Sharpied phone number on the inside, but she has too many collars to have tags on all of them.

My Honey Bunny turned out to be the hardest one to find. Once I knew we had our dog back the quest was to find him so he could stop worrying. He was out roaming the mountains on a motorcycle, trying desperately to return my dog to me....finally he was located and all is well in the end.

I have my Mayzie back, and now I have this new little bund
le of cuteness....and she has puppy breath to boot!

The next weekend was Father's Day and Honey Bunny got 3 new harness' to secure the dogs into the Jeep, and this t-shirt from REI:


IrishgirlieKnits said...

On thank goodness you found her! My heart was pounding for you just reading about her being lost!

Love the shirt!