Saturday, July 05, 2008

When the cats away, the mice will play!

Sometimes it is just plain time....and he knew it was coming. I have been telling, clueing and cueing him in for quite a while now, so he really should not be shocked. Yet for some reason I am the one who is in a sort of giddy shock myself.

I went and ordered this:

It is a new Kenmore Elite dishwasher, and they swear it is quiet! The salesman was telling me what I wanted to hear baby! Not like he had to convince me or anything...our 10 year old (199.00) dishwasher is loud and falling apart. It got even louder last year when we put in hardwood floors. It has "features"!! We tend to be the do-it-yourself types and ascribe to the live within (or beneath) your means and so "features" just really makes me jump up and down!

I have been online shopping and researching off an on for the past couple of years. Ours has been on it's last leg for a while but it is really finally beyond just annoying. Things are falling apart, and now it has become dangerous. It won't turn off either, which sucks the utility bill I'm sure....but when it won't turn off that means it just stays on that last heat drying cycle until you realize the house is about to burn down. I did turn off the heat, but that doesn't change the worry.

So, I did it. Honey Bunny is off fighting a fire and I am spending it before he brings it home. The upside is that it was on sale and the installation and take away of the old one is free, so that should make him happy. Hopefully when he comes home it will all be a done deal and that will make him happy. I call it a win/win!


Tammy said...

Sweet! (As my kids would say.) We need a new DW as well but I handle appliances in pretty much the same way I handle healthcare. I wait until it's broke to deal with it.

I forgot your hubby was a firefighter... I hope they get things under control soon! I'll be praying!