Friday, November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel

Well, this just makes me so sad for some reason. I grew up watching this man any and every chance I got. Back when television was one channel and there was little I was allowed to see, my parents let me stay up past my bedtime to watch his stunts when they aired. It was always a huge event for me. I remember that I was given tickets to see his Snake River Canyon jump from my mom as a surprise gift. I could not have been more excited! I was going to see my hero!! You can't imagine my confusion when it turned out to be tickets to the local events center and it was closed circuit television. I thought it was real. This was as close to "live television" as we had back then, and it was on a big screen. That event, no matter how it ended, was still amazing. Later, when I was about 14, I got to go to see where this took place and was even more impressed if that was possible.

That was what I loved about him. No matter how it ended he always tried again. I loved his tenacity...and his caped costume. To a girl who swayed "tom boy" (and did some pretty hairy stuff on a purple banana seat bicycle beating every boy in the neighborhood!) he was quite something.....made me swoon a little too! May he rest in peace and out of aches and pains!!


Anonymous said...

I was going to put this on your comment box but like i said it is all japanese! The news on Evil Knievel 's death.

I am so amazed that you like him too!

I was saddened by the news too. I used to watch his escapades on tv - it must be in the late 70's when i was a student in England. We had no tv growing up in Malaysia. He was only 69 that's only a few years older than me! May he rest in peace.