Sunday, November 25, 2007

Team Jimmy Beans Rocks!

So, I just have to say what an amazing bunch we all are. I not only get to work in a
little shop that is a bit of heaven on earth, but we all like each other to boot! We have the greatest bosses, and the whole thing is too much fun. It is funny because we are just a little yarn shop with the greatest dreams. We have amazing customers in store and online. We all work very hard to fill orders, serve our customers and help each other. We really are a "TEAM" in the best way, but I like to think we are friends too...

For those who know, and those who don't, we went to Sonoma recently. This was Jimmys way of spoiling us rotten yet again. Besides all the other ways that she takes care of us, this was an over the top experience that I will remember for ages.We began by piling into a van and pulling out our knitting! We were chauffured the whole time and that in itself is a treat. Stops along the way were bead stores, lunch in the square and puttering around downtown Sonoma, including another *gasp!* yarn shop. What can we say? We love to knit and we love yarn so we dove in!

Then off to Santa Rosa where we stayed in a lovely place. The view was beautiful, the beds were cozy (down blankets and feather beds!!) and the company divine. We spent the first part of the evening chatting around an open fire sipping Pinot Noir. More surprises were in store because we were taken off to a nice dinner in downtown Santa Rosa....and shocking! Out came the knitting!!

I am sure we were a sight to see, but fortunately they gave us a somewhat private area in the restaurant. After the delicious meal we went back to our hotel and slept like babies!

The next day the fun just continued. We all had a leisurely morning and ate breakfast as we felt lead. We all ended up gathering at the patio area again for a beautiful time of chatting and knitting...duh!

Off in the van again to more wine tasting and enjoying the most beautiful scenery. I
used to live in this area and so it was a lot of fun to see places again and also noticed how much things have changed. Lots of wonderful memories....hopefully I didn't bore everyone with my stories!

We toured the wine caves at one winery, looked at art in another, and gift ideas in ALL of them. The last stop was at the "sparkling wine" vineyard for a delicious plate of cheeses and fruit, toasting each other and the Zanders for a wonderful weekend!

Thanks again, it was awesome!!!


Freaky Knitter said...

You need to take that pic of me with the chin thing goin on off!! You know which one I mean ha ha ha hee hee!! Have you emailed this to Jimmy?? The pics are awesome and yes, Jimmy's Rocks!!