Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lost in Revelry, I mean Ravelry :-)

Wow! In a word that is it!

I found this site ages ago but you have no idea how cool it is until you actually get "in there". I was confused by the whole invite thing and just scrapped it. Then it kept popping up in conversation so I tried again, and again, .....and again after signing up that is. I think they made that "Antsy" button just for me!

So here is where I say I was overwhelmed. I did not know where to begin so I just sort of looked. Then the reality of logging all that stuff. Taking and loading pictures. Admitting to yourself just how much yarn you have aquired and just how many unfinished things you have going all over the place. I like to joke that the reason I work in a yarn shop is to support my "habit" and that I am not a hardship to my family. I like to joke that I don't make any money. It is no joke. If I want to save any money I need to quit my job. I wonder if I can afford to work.

Just joking!!