Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Around the World! ...and My World Is White

oh goody. it is snowing. .....again!

My dog's print right before he "yellow-ed" some white snow....

My doors are white...

My favorite Mary Poppins doll is white...

My "old school" iPod is white, though I did just get a fancy new black one!

The fire is warm...

Oh, and the yarn I just bought? Of all the colors I could have come home with yesterday, after my first day back at work in a shop full of color? The yarn I came home with?....WHITE! What on earth am I thinking?

What I am thinking is this: My sister called after reading my blog (she is a lurker/non blogger) and pointed out who had hand knits listed and who did not. I should clarify before I get another call, it was my niece who was noticing that she in particular did not get mentioned and my loyal sister was defending me. My loyal/best friend/confidante/sister pointed out to my niece ALL the people in our family who are still in line and waiting...including my own children.

My oldest has asked for this sweater a while back. He even bought me the book! "Son of a Stitch N B***h" There are actually a number of things both my sons have pointed to and said they liked, so I am feeling all guilty I guess. I called him and said
"What color?" So there is the answer.

I must be snowblind or something. Can you see it? There at the bottom of the loop? I
don't know how I didn't catch this but every once in a while you make a mistake that is a groaner. Yep, it's twisted!!! Ugh!

Radical change of subject....In my email this morning I got this! We are all pretty excited about it...

Reno, NV, JANUARY 22, 2008: Ten days into the launch of their internet yarn business, Doug and Laura Zander began tallying the number of yards of yarn they were selling. They quickly realized that, if strung together, the yarn that they had sold so far would reach the center of nearby Reno, NV – a town 30 miles away. The message was clear: sell enough yarn to make it around the World.

More than 4 years and 44 million yards of yarn later, a single purchase on January 20th, 2008 marked the end of their quest to circumnavigate the Earth with pieces of yarn. The critical purchase was completed by a Virginia knitter and consisted of approximately 2700 yards of yarn (enough to knit 4 pair of socks and a baby blanket). The average ball of yarn contains between 100 and 200 yards.

“Without the help of knitters around the World, we could have never achieved this tremendous goal.” said Laura Zander, co-owner, Jimmy Beans Wool. The Zanders currently sell yarn to yarn-enthusiasts in over 50 countries.

So what’s next for these fiber-pushers? “Mars!” exclaims Zander, “We’ve set our sites on circling every planet in the solar system.” And with more than 1 in 3 U.S. women able to knit or crochet (according to the Yarn Craft Council), the Zanders will be knitting their way around Mars in no time.

Founded in 2002 by Laura, aka “Jimmy,” and Doug Zander, Jimmy Beans Wool is both a bricks and mortar and Internet knitting superstore, offering knitters worldwide a comprehensive selection of the finest yarns and knitting supplies along with the latest fashion trends. With customers from Los Angeles to Kazakhstan and all points in between, Jimmy Beans Wool has successfully created an international knitting community comparable to that of the local yarn store, and is the resource for knitters looking for inspiration, instructions and project help. Headquartered in Reno, NV, the store was recently the subject of a small business profile in Fortune Small Business (July/August 2007)

That is a whole lotta yarn people!


Aizugirl said...

You have made a mobius!! I do that often times and I could kick myself! I guess it is frogging time, girl!

Thanks for posting that write up on JBW. What an achievement and to think I sold some of that yardage!!

It is snowing hard here in Sapporo Japan as I write. I miss ya!!