Monday, January 14, 2008

How bad is it?

So, about a year ago I had some dental problems that I could not ignore any longer. Anyone with kids knows that you put off your own issues in favor of children and so time had passed and I had to finally deal with the pink elephant living in my mouth. Bottom line is that I have a tooth that had a root canal when I was in my teens and somehow the root of the tooth had cracked. The dentist said it needed to come out, sooner rather than later. The real bottom line is that by the time the calculator stopped "cha-chinging" I decided that as long as I was not in any pain, I could put it off. My son needs his wisdom teeth out, two of the three kids need braces, and the honest truth is that if I am going to spend thousands of dollars....I want a new bathroom!!! Here is my dream, I will settle for less....but where do you think that is? Look at the view, would ya!! Can you imagine trotting around that space doing your bathroom business in that kind of room? I have to say, there are no blinds. Maybe they are the kind of windows that turn all frosty at the touch of a button.

That was a year ago. Just got the money for the bathrooms (last week!) and this week that darn tooth started giving me fits! Go figure! Now I am nearly in tears because I see my bathrooms slipping away in favor of a dental bill, that and I am in
more discomfort than and Advil can easily handle.

What is a girl to do? I have an appointment on Wednesda
y, that is what I'm gonna do. For those inclined to pray, please do. I am a nervous wreck! I really do wonder, How bad is it? Has anyone had a tooth pulled that can calm my fears. No horror stories please! At least not until after Wednesday. I was in bed for a week after my wisdom teeth came out so I think I am haunted by that utter blur of vicodin and and sleep and the occasional small black and white television with snowy reception in spite of the rabbit ears. Small irony in that my doctor, seriously, was named Dr. Payne.

I can hardly knit! I am
trying to keep busy, but a stockinette hat is about all I can manage at the moment. Set aside is my beautiful Noro shrug, my lovely Monkey socks and the Entrelac Lady Eleanor wrap. Gone is my time browsing online for tile and toilets and vanities.

If it wasn't so embarrassing I would post pictures of the bathrooms! We have
gradually made over our home but the bathrooms were the last to be focused on. We are looking forward to the project but now it is all up in the air. I will keep my fingers crossed....that is I will try to keep them busy!

This is the hat! It is the Grinchy Grinch Hat from 2 Askew Patterns. I just love it!
Originally it was knit in Cumba but I was dying to try this new yarn we got in that screamed to me "Noro!!". We don't carry Noro anymore so if this will work as a good sub, than call me Happy Camper! The yarn feels very much like Kureyon to me. It is brand new to our store and we are loving it! Knit One, Crochet Too in a yarn called Paint Box

What do you think? I love the gentle striping and honestly would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Worst of all, and I just have to show a picture, is setting aside m
y Transition Gloves. The blame for these (the knitting, not the setting aside) can fall firmly at the feet of Tammy. It is all her if she ordered them to my mailbox herself! This yarn is to "dye" for and the pattern is addictive. I hate that I have been so distracted by pain to concentrate on them! Look, see what I mean! See the way the variegated yarn changes so nicely between the cream? I am in love! I ordered the pattern and yarn from Knit-Purl and was very happy with their quick service!


Tammy said...

Oh... I'm so sorry. And I know exactly what you mean about the dentist. I really, really need to get a couple of molars taken care of but I'm just not a fan of the dentist. I will pray for you absolutely!

I love the colors you chose for your transition gloves! Isn't the Shi Bui yarn wonderful?

madre adoptiva said...

I am so sorry your dreams of new bathrooms has to wait. I had no trouble at all with my wisdom teeth and was up and about the next day. I am sure you will have no problems at all, as wisdom teeth are much more difficult to extract (right? I think so anyway).

I loooooove that new yarn. Oh man... I really, really want some. I may just have to march myself down to the store this week.