Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm not braggin, but....

I just have to boast! I might whine a bit but when it all comes down, I mean literally as well as "pun"fully, but in the end I just have to share the joy! Look at this, will ya! Please click on the pictures, they get bigger and more beautiful!

I get to live here!!

So I went out driving. I like to go out on adventures when the weather gets wild. Nothing scary, nothing foolish, but just some good old driving in the snow to see what can be seen. (Oh, and pick up some pizza for the kids)

Now I am sure that just about everywhere people live there will be some sort of tourist aspect, people who don't know where they are going, or what not. But I have to say that this is high season for "turkeys" as we call them and a simple trip to Round Table can really be an adventure. I don't want to bring myself down or get all negative, but people really amaze me when they visit our town. It is almost like they leave their brains and any shred of driving knowledge at the bottom of the mountain. I am not talking about the normal "oopsies" that happen, but rather things like stopping in the middle of the road, in the middle of the lane, in the middle of take off their chains! Not in a parking lot, or heaven forbid someplace safe, but literally in the middle of traffic. The worst part is you have to try NOT to run over their little legs sticking out as you attempt to go around them.

Phew! I am done now. But rest assured there will be more...I promise to be on the lookout for funny stories!

So I went out driving and it was really good to see something besides the inside of my house or my own snow shovel. There were many neighbors out, all waving hello and all doing what I had been up! These are my favorite kind of days, the whole winter wonderland thing. People are also very neighborly and you see it most at this time of year. My kids were out shoveling after the last storm and when they saw the lady kitty corner from us (with a new baby!) come out to start her driveway, they went over and started in on her berm. Well, the tractor guy saw the whole thing and came and did her whole driveway!! Fast forward to today, my family is again out moving snow and they brought their new snowblower over and said we could use it. So nice!! Ours is on the blink and so this was a huge gift...even with a blower we were out there for several hours.

There is something about the difficulty of winters that brings people together. It seems that good will abounds and it is just one more thing that keeps me loving my hometown.

Well, that and this!! Not that I'm braggin....

I can't forget the knitting either. There has been knitting. I got some delicious Noro Iro from Buriedinyarn whom I met through Ravelry. She was de-stashing and I was taking her up on it! I think I am in heaven with this yarn. I love Noro, and I have knit with it before but each time it just keeps me in awe of it's fibery goodness. I love how the colors so easily go from one to the next and you almost don't see it while it's happening but then all of the sudden...Wham! are looking at this thing of
beauty. I can't wait to finish this shruggy sweater so I can take even more pictures of it, not to mention wear. I will be the snow shoveling fashion diva! Right now it is my Mayzie who is the diva. She so loves to sniff my yarns! I think she smells the sheep or something. Anyone else think that is why their dogs go nuts over yarn?


Tammy said...

Gorgeous scenery! I love snowy pictures. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

By the way, you should see So. Californians driving in the rain. Pretty scary stuff there.