Monday, December 17, 2007

The Good with the Bad

So, late last year we bought a bigger car for the family. With all the driving of highschool kids, and my own kids being HUGE, it was time to bump up. Now I will say that I am probably in the minority, but I actually liked my minivan. It was the first "new" car I had ever driven and it was darn good to me. I really didn't want to sell it but then we really couldn't keep it either. The only problem was that every time I got serious about selling it, someone needed it. A friend taking her daughter off to college, another family whose car was in the shop, more seatbelts needed for a youth group just kept coming. The van came close to being a ministry all it's own.

I have listed it off and on with Craigs List, and got a few emails, but still no sale. I kept wondering what to do. I refused to pay money to sell a car and so this was really the only thing I persued.

Now that we are pretty certain my son's car will be officially totaled, it is suddenly clear why we still have the van. Not the coolest car for him to drive, but paid for none the less and it is reliable. So, wouldn't you know that we have a real offer on it from a posting I made the day of the accident! Go figure!

My son passes his Eagle Scout board, but on the way has his first vehicle accident. A week later he turns 18, and on his birthday we get the bad news that they won't fix it.... but will total it. The day we decide to keep the van, we get the offer to buy it.

Life sure has it's ups and downs, eh?