Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I call it my "shrine to tack" but I mean better...

If it is plastic and lights up...I say let me have it! Having said that, I honestly only have my nativity and my snow globe with Snoopy. I fantasize of a yard full of silly plastic reindeer, or the singing Christmas carolers, or my giant pine tree all lit up with lights...but that as I said, is a fantasy.

In the mean time I do dearly love my outdoor nativity. For some people putting up the tree caps the holiday cheer. For others it is finishing all the shopping. For me it is when I can look outside and see baby Jesus being held close....and my kneeling Santa looking on. I have added Wise Men from eBay, and a Sheppard Boy from Wally World. I found my ox and lamb someplace else, and it all just sort of comes together and makes me really happy.

We have set it up in various places in our yard over the years. Each time it goes up, I say "Oh! That is my favorite place!" Sort of like each stage my children got to in their growing up years I thought was my "favorite". Sitting, crawling, walking....gulp!...driving!! (No, I actually don't like that one)

I do like where it is this year because I can see it from the couch. In the evening I can look out, past the tree wrapped with gifts, and see the real Reason for the Season. I can see the snow falling in our current blast of a cold winter storm and see Mary holding her precious boy, like I held my precious boys. I see it and I remember, even if it is my "shrine to tack" as I lovingly call it. I remember God came down in the most humble way to begin showing Himself to His creation relationally. There was so much love in that beginning, and so much more love the ending of the story.

Merry CHRISTmas!!


Tammy said...

Looks great! I LOVE Charlie Brown's Christmas. Such a sweet movie.