Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Ice Storm" Comes to Town! was cold and snowy last night! The winds howled and I worried about the bar-b-que rolling away, or the hot tub cover blowing off. Both of these have happened before so it is not wasted concern.

Day broke and we have a beautiful new layer of snow! I love these days. The fire is warm inside, clove spiced coffee is brewing, the kids are out shoveling the snow, and I get to see what the storm left behind.

Do you see it? Look closer....there on the Lilac bush....

Ahhh, the new Lorna's Laces Limited Edition sock yarn!! It is a Jimmy Beans Wool exclusive called Ice Storm and I have to tell you I swiped up two hanks fast before it melted away. I also have become addicted to the Lion and Lamb and that silk wool blend will be stunning with beads in this colorway. I ordered two of those, they should be in the shop today. Stay tuned for pictures....I can hardly wait myself!!

Now, what to knit? What to knit? I think I will try Jeanne's amazing new sock pattern....AGAIN! I love the pattern but honestly I think that nothing will look prettier with these colors...unless I went with something lacy. As I said, what to knit? Ideas?


Tammy said...

Very pretty... both the snow and the yarn!

Tammy said...

I broke down the other day and ordered some of that yarn... as well as a cute little Lantern Moon bag I couldn't resist. ;)