Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a "Three-fer"

We all finished and are proudly sporting our hats. Three very different color combinations, but all gorgeous! The kits are available at Jimmy Beans Wool
and not only in hats...there are sock kits, sweaters and vests.

Allie was able to spend time with Kathryn Alexander at her studio and home earlier this year. We tease her about knowing everyone, but it really is not a joke. She wrote about it in her blog:

Kathryn's home is her studio. It is as rich in color as any place I've ever been. Warm and inviting - cut pile rugs of many styles covering hardwood floors. Her work covers her walls, saddles, harnesses and bridles accent the rooms. Baskets of yarn are artfully arranged beside sofas that blend in only because they also carry dozens of colors. How inspiring! Creativity abounds, fer shur. The only black/white/gray I observed was a Peter Collingwood rug. Oh, my.... Friend's work also adorn the walls, and I noticed a silk weaving that could only have come from Sara Lamb. I ran to the car to grab my camera - only to find I'd left it behind at Gus's house. How sad is that?? A lovely lunch and glass of wine, stories about Habu, exchanges of ideas to help Gus along with his fledging fiber business. A visit to the barn and much-needed closeness with horses. The most tidy barn I've ever been in, and Kathryn emailed a few days later to tell me she was vacuuming the spider webs from the rafters. Now THAT is one devoted horse-woman!

I can dream that someday I will meet her, but until then I can brag that "I know Allie"!!