Saturday, December 08, 2007

The morning after

Finally! It came in the night and we woke up lucky to have power, though no satellite. Oh well, Tivo is good for backup television if desperate. No one was watching it, however, until the snow was all dug away from decks, driveways, walkways and cars. There was also the insurance company to call, and wrecked vehicles to sort out.

A days spent knitting while waiting for the phone to ring. Wha
t a nice diversion from all the chaos in my brain. I finished up my Kathryn Alexander hat! Yeah! It is way more cute than even I imagined. It was fun, the yarn divine and the result pure colorful whimsy. Hurry up with the blocking already! Dry hat, is in front of the wood stove and I keep checking. Like the watched pot that will not boil, the hovered over hat will not dry....or something like that.

The phone rings: We may pay a fortune for insurance but I have to say that it is nice in a crisis. They called back and not only is the deductible less than I thought, it covers a rental car.

Deciding what UFO to tackle next or should I start my Noro sweater? I am just thinking that maybe simply winding up a ball of the Transitions will make me feel better. Then there is that darn sock for Jeanne. It would feel so good to hand that over someday. How is it that you can honestly love a yarn and a pattern but still can't manage to finish a darn sock for crying out loud?

The phone rings: They are determining the accident to be "no fault"!!! Yeah!! This means my son's rates won't go up. They are looking into a suspected blow out of his tire, causing the accident, and might even waive the deductible. My last worry is that somehow the truck is not totaled. It does not take much damage to exceed the value of a car. So I will keep staring at the phone....

...and I will go pinch my hat some more, and look for my swift and winder!!